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      Automotive industry
      Our TPEs are widely used in automotive industry and are applied in the many parts of car. Due to theirs good resilience, excellent processing performance, wide range of hardness, good weather resistance and other characteristics, they can greatest extent possible to meet material requirements of manufacturers and OEM of parts and components in automotive industry. We strive our best to provide responsive, reliable and value-added service of the highest order to most demanding and ever changing needs of our customers.
      * Environmental protection 、 meet Rohs & Reach standard. 
      * Good weather resistance  From -40℃ to  120℃
      * Chemicals  resistance ,For example water、alcohol、oil etc.              
      * Fast and cost-saved processing
      * Damping properties  
      * Excellent adhesion with conventional hard components, for example PP、PE、ABS etc.
      * Abrasion resistance
      * Wide range of hardnes form 20A to 90D
      Typical applications:
      * Sealing  
      * Steering wheel sheath
      * Dust cover
      * Gasket 
      * Car carpet
      * Automobile interior
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